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By Keith Chagall, Century City News Pop Music Editor

The recent unbelievable reports of powerful men falling from their positions of power in all segments of our society truly are a sea change that is long overdue. Their behavior towards women is unacceptable and has been conducted for way too long. This goes for the Men who preyed on male child actors as well.

It is like watching the end of the Roman Empire in modern times.

Where has the respect for all women that most of us were brought up to adhere to gone?

Was it the swinging 60’s where Hef dangled his beautiful ladies like trophies and showing the rest of us how it should be in a Hef world?

Was it when a president was impeached in the 1990’s and wholeheartedly tried to destroy the reputations of his accusers? Was it the way women were portrayed in music videos filled with bling bling nothingness, where women were eye candy props and treated like second class behind the lead singers? Or the fashion magazines with uber photo shop on models that were disconnected from real life actuality.

Let’s be clear, this has been building for generations from the Hollywood casting couches to Washington DC and powerful elites who felt a misguided sense of entitlement. It is about power that corrupts and then is celebrated. That is until now. This year will go down as truly historic.

My own impression of women came from strong relatives like my Grandmother who spoke 7 languages and was the patriarch of our family. She singlehandedly shepherded our family out of Europe and finally brought them to this great country, oh yeah traveling while she was pregnant with my Mother during the horrendous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

She started a hotel for German travelers and she used to recount how having a baked potato on Sundays for dinner was a huge luxury. She built that business and we were able to emigrate to America.

She was respected and HONORED by her community. Her sister helped build a hospital in Manchester England and every step along the way during my upbringing, reinforced the beauty of having that rock in our family. My Mother was the same way.

Very strong and independent thinking was hammered into our subconscious. The message was that you can do and achieve anything in this life with hard work, faith and treating others as you would want to be treated. Or my first grade teacher Mrs. Wix who took me under her wing to teach a young boy newly arrived in America that spoke no English to read. To this day I am a voracious reader and I continue to learn because one teacher cared.

These were great women indeed. I remember when Men used to open the doors for a lady, and escort her arm in arm when walking down dark streets at night.

I have so many of these messages still in my memory and they were a huge influence when I decided on a career in recording, composing and singing music that would alleviate the sorrow of everyday hard working souls.

The adage that behind every great man is a woman is truer than ever, yet sadly younger generations have lost this important legacy.

I embraced it and created musical works like my albums "She’s Incredible” and "Sail on Betsy Ross”.

Yes that is Lady Liberty on the cover of the album, so beautifully captured by the legendary Henry Diltz!

I dreamt a song about the heroic feat of Diana Nyad who swam from Cuba to Key West through the most treacherous straits on the planet without a shark cage, on her fifth try ( August,2013) at the age of 64! Then I actually met her and her words to me will be with me always. She said, "You’re never too old to follow your dreams, never give up and find a way”. This is true wisdom for the ages if I ever heard it.

Or Antoinette Tuff who saved 500 children when a deranged gunman in an Atlanta suburb walked into her school in August 2013 with an AK47, hell bent on repeating another columbine. But Antoinette talked him down and he surrendered without firing a shot! These are incredible stories of rising above and display of courage and strength.

I dedicated my latest record to these magnificent ladies and you can hear the songs at

The point is, these horrendous acts were done by men who deep down hate themselves and women. I believe this all has finally come out for a reason.

Men listen up. The power of strong women to heal a family, a Nation, and the World is REAL!!! And by honoring them guess what, we men become so much better and are inspired to do great things for the greater good.

FDR had a mother that inspired him, despite polio and relegated to being wheelchair bound; to rise above the pain and become one of our greatest Presidents that later on guided Lady Liberty to victory in WW2!


Today I revel in surrounding myself with these amazing people. Like my precious Linda who worked so hard to break the glass ceiling and become a senior partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. Didn’t know that about her when we met, but I felt her greatness nonetheless. She’s got a brilliant mind, big heart, and classy through and through, and who has for sure made me a better man. Or the amazing ladies like the Suzanne’s, Sophie’s, Lucy’s, Parry’s, Claire’s, Rebecca’s, and so many others strong American women that are out there. Let us appreciate them while they are here gentlemen. It’s a win win and ultimately makes us all better so we can create a better world. Real men are secure enough to recognize greatness when they see it and evolve into better men.

Believe me, we have all fallen short but we can now embrace and take this teachable moment to change the course of society so that all people, LGTB, transgender, all of us can live a life of deep respect and honor for one another going forward.

I salute the #Metoo founders Tarana Burke & Allyssa Milano and the other brave people (men included) who have stood up to power and said no more!

Let us all make this a profound New Year’s resolution for 2018 and beyond!

Keith Chagall



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