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Sail On Betsy Ross Coverscreenshot Feb.


Track 1:   "Prologue: "The Betsy Ross"

Track 2:    "Sail on Betsy Ross"

Track 3:    "Grid Shut Down"

Track 4:     "Prologue: "Already Among Us"

Track 5:     "Dreamland 51"

Track 6:     "Time Of Times"

Track 7:     "Prologue: The Real Betsy's"

Track 8:     "Diana Antoinette"

Track 9:     "Soundlight"

Track 10:   "Prologue: Godfather"

Track 11:   "Fugget About It"

Track 12:    "Southbeach"

Track 13:    "Wiseguys"

Track 14:    "All talk No Action"

Track 15:    "Senator Please"

Track 16:    "Mr. Lennon"

Track 17:    "Moment In Time"

All songs composed by Keith Chagall  

  c 2024 KCA Music ASCAP

Produced by Keith Chagall Co Producers: Mikal Blue

Chris Roberts, Chris Brooke

All Rights Reserved

c 2024 STM Music Inc.

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