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 Keith Chagall's latest albums, "SAIL ON BETSY ROSS" "SOUNDLIGHT"  

Article by Paul Zollo, Editor

Stunning. In recent weeks several purveyors of things musical played me tracks from this album and stood back with awe. This is music of great purity and reverence, rendered by a deeply gifted singer-songwriter-producer. Keith Chagall is a master of resplendent harmonies, rich layers of vocals as sumptuously rendered as if Brian Wilson and his band teamed up with Paul McCartney and his band. 

Some people who love the music of the Beatles or Brian and try to channel it into their own songs often fail terribly. It comes off like a bad impression. But occasionally someone comes along with purity; not only the love, but also the inspired knowhow to do it right, and the result is remarkable. Such is the case with Keith Chagall, and Sail On Betsy Ross, a new album of gems. His song “Mr. Lennon” is a tribute to the lads that does justice to the source, not only in the inspired songwriting, but in the stunning orchestral Abbey Road-like production.

This is not an imitation of the Beatles, it’s a reverent and deeply dimensional celebration. For that one song and track alone, this is an album worth having. But there’s much more...

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