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Gatekeeper of the Paranormal

The Incredible journey of George Noory

By Keith Chagall Pop Music/Film Editor

©2017 Century City News/STM Inc.

When one thinks of the incredible other worldly things that are happening daily right before us, above and below, yet not covered by the mainstream media, it is a mind boggling thing to behold. George Noory has been at the forefront of giving a platform to very serious people who want the truth, as far out as it may seem to come out to the masses. A platform to enlighten, informs, and peel away the layers of disinformation that could so easily keep the uncomfortable truth from seeing the light of day. Serious researchers in study of Ufology, secret space programs, underground cities, ongoing Alien programs, Ghosts, cataclysmic Earth changes, under reported, the coming economic collapse to the very future of mankind itself. The spiritual Dark and Light in all these subjects and more far out scenarios have been broadcast nightly on Mr. Noory’s wildly successful syndicated radio program, Coast To Coast in 1,200 markets, as well as host on television’s Ancient Aliens, and Beyond Belief programs. Those who have researched many of his guests quite simply call him a hero. It takes guts and courage to bring his guests on and despite the political headwinds. He has continued to expand the human consciences of what alternative realities truly could be outside of our google smartphones.

CC News sat down to get a glimpse into this fascinating gentleman and how his journey began.

CC News: Tell us about your early years and how this interest in the paranormal came about.

GN: "I’m in St. Louis at 11 years old and stayed home from school as I had a fever that day. When I woke up I was looking down at my body from the ceiling! It wasn’t a dream I was bouncing off the ceiling and it was unnerving. Later I went to the library and stumbled into the new age section and saw a book on astral projection. The book was about out of body experiences and that was what had happened to me, so from that moment on I was interested in unusual things. My mother fueled that. She would bring me books like "We Are Not Alone” about extraterrestrial life. I became obsessed and did book investigations, researched Edgar Cayce and all these things left an indelible life mark on my soul. From that moment on I was hooked and that’s why I got into broadcasting.

CC News: How did that get you on the path to radio?

GN: I was born in Detroit and I always wanted to get into broadcasting to unravel these kinds of stories we’ve just talked about. So at the ripe age of 18, off I went to the University of Detroit to do what my father wanted for me, which was to become a dentist. He was paying for 80% of the college and Middle Eastern fathers can be very dictatorial about these things. And I did two years of pre dental school. And I found out that the college had a great broadcasting curriculum, and a friend of mine was in it. He was going home for the holidays and they needed a replacement, and could I do it for him? Six bucks an hour and I said wow sure. When my friend came back the station told him they wanted to keep me on. So I went back to talk to my counselor and said I wanted to switch my major. A month later and unbeknown to my father, my report card came and Dad gets it. So he says we have to talk about this because someone using your name is taking all these broadcast courses and getting all A’s. I need to call the school. I said please don’t, because I switched my majors. He wouldn’t talk to me for two months. One night he’s watching the local newscast on a Friday and as the credits are rolling, up comes my name as production assistant George Noory. He comes in my room and says I think I just saw your name on TV was that you? I said yeah Dad that’s what I’m doing stuff like that. And he loved it. After that he was into everything everything I did. I earned my degree, went into radio as a reporter, got into television production, won three Emmys in Minneapolis, I became a news director. I had a great run but at no time did I think I would be a talk show host.

In 1996 I’m watching the movie "Talk Radio” with Eric Bogosian based on real life talk show host Alan Berg who got killed after one of his broadcasts. And that was one of the things I hadn’t done. So I made a few calls and KMOX was looking for people who knew of me and said come on and fill for us. That led to another station that heard me and offered me a fulltime job to do talk radio on a show called "The Nighthawk” which was heard by the network that does Coast To Coast and the career just took off. I filled in for the great Art Bell who then retired and here I am today.

CC News: Pretty amazing and seems like the path was chosen for you from the beginning.

GN: Absolutely

CC News: Have you ever seen a UFO?

GN: I’ve seen two UFOs at one time on the top of a roof in San Jose with night vision goggles. They just pop out with that equipment. You can see thousands of stars. And I saw two strange objects doing 90 degree turns and stopping and then starting again. I was baffled and still am to this day.

CC News: How did you get the recurring guests spots on the successful Sci-fy show Ancient Aliens?

GN: Giorgio Tsoukalos went to the people who produce the show and said you gotta get this guy on. He interviews everyone on Ancient Aliens, has a great following etc. They gave me a shot to do two episodes and the response was so good that we have now just completed season 10. And I developed another show called "Beyond Belief” which streams all the time as that is the future of TV.

CC News: You also started a paranormal dating service. Tell us the back story.

GN: Paranormal came about when I was doing an event and a lady came up to me and I was on a date and was sharing about my alien abduction experience and the guy just got up and left. He didn’t want to know anything about it. You George should do something where people who want to date people who understand each other can get together. I contacted a friend of mine who is good with the internet and we now have 61,000 people on the dating site. It’s a great feeling to know people are getting married and having better dates out there.

CC News: How do you prepare for each show?

GN: I’m involved in every facet of Coast to Coast, which is content, sales, marketing, promotion. I have a staff that helps me coordinate. I have a great staff, Lisa Lyon who is my exec producer and Tom Danheiser is my senior producer. I will send them notes, emails about ideas on guests etc. On the day of the show which airs at 10pm, I will get to the office at 2PM and hit it hard doing my research on that guest and checking out the books they are promoting and so on. I will do some promotion spots in advance and then we go live at 10 and hit it hard for four hours and do it all over again the next day.

CC News: You put a lot of work into it yet it sounds very relaxed and spontaneous on air. That’s a gift.

GN: I want the show to sound like I’m sitting at a bar having a conversation with a guy.

CC News: Would you say that your show is entertainment, or an intellectual journey or a combination of both?

GN: We are seeking the truth. We are entertaining, we are informing and more importantly we are trying to build a better world for Mankind.

CC News: You are a hero to many people George for covering issues that mainstream media will not touch. Do you have a philosophy that people need to know to make it a better world and do you ever get blowback from some of the sensitive topics you cover?

GN: I don’t get direct blowback but we do have weird things happen on the show. A guest will be on and his phone will die. That happened awhile back and afterwards the guest heard a voice on the line say "Do you think he got the message?” I really think it is our mission, and our destiny to get the truth out to people. I have a gut feeling about North Korea. Something is going to happen. With respect to politics, I’m bi partisan as you know. I call em the way I see em and this new President has stepped on some toes. In this particular case we need to let him govern. If he does a great job we all win. If he doesn’t then we all lose. I don’t agree with the wall. I think the wall is wrong and a waste of money. We have technology at area51 that if a mouse crosses the road, we know instantly. We had experts on who predicted that Trump would win when nobody else did and he came blowing in and there he is.

CC News: What do you do to keep fit in your mind and body.

GN: Critical health news .com provides us with a good regimen. I take turmeric, supplements; I work out four days a week. And I watch my weight and what I eat. Life is too short.

CC News: Well it seems to be working for you as your mind is razor sharp. Are there any guests you would like to have on but haven’t yet?

GN: I still want to get Stephen King. We keep trying but we haven’t yet. I love his mind, his books and he is always thinking.

CC News: What would you like fans to remember about George Noory?

GN: I used to say to people that if you’re looking at my tombstone, the epitaph should read:

"Here lies George Noory, He made a difference”

CC News: Well thank you very much indeed George you most certainly have!

By Keith Chagall Pop Music/ Film Editor Century City News ©2017 CC News/STM Inc.

- Century City News


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